Fred Hunt 1.1.3

a 1.16+ Easy To Use Manhunt Plugin

Press The Button 1.0

One Positive Twist, one Negative Twist. Choose Wisely

Press The Button
OP Breaking Tools 1.0

All tools drop OP loot when they break

OP Breaking Tools
Identical Hunters 1.0

Disguises all hunters as one player

Identical Hunters
Invisible Gear 1.0

Anonymizes all players, hiding their skin, name, and armor / weapon type.

Invisible Gear
Lifesteal Manhunt 1.0

Minecraft Manhunt Lifesteal Plugin

Lifesteal Manhunt
Would You Rather 1.0

When faced with 2 choices, which would you prefer?

Would You Rather
Bubbo Laxatives 1.0

Giving certain mobs laxatives makes them drop custom items

Bubbo Laxatives
Sculk Hunt 1.0

Replaces the ender dragon with the warden

Sculk Hunt
OP Dyes 1.0

Dyes can now change ores on the ground, and in your inventory

OP Dyes
Clutch Loot 1.0

Clutching drops OP Loot

Clutch Loot
Limited Crafts 1.0

Crafts are limited, use them wisely

Limited Crafts
Breeding Axolotls drops OP Loot 1.0

Breeding 2 Axolotls drops OP Loot

Breeding Axolotls drops OP Loot
What's In The Box? 1.0

You're given an image, and must select if you will lie or tell the truth.

What's In The Box?
Jump Hotbar 1.0

Whenever you jump your hotbar rearanges

Jump Hotbar
Diamond Pyramid 1.0

This plugin adds the OP Diamond Pyramid

Diamond Pyramid
Random Item Challenge 1.0

Random Item Challenge

Random Item Challenge
Easter Eggs Drop OP Loot 1.0

This plugin adds easter eggs, which when used drop OP loot

Easter Eggs Drop OP Loot
Hunters Drop OP Loot 1.0

Hunters drop OP Loot

Hunters Drop OP Loot
Game Decides 1.0

Multiple 5-minute twists.

Game Decides
Contagious Runner 1.0

The speedrunner is getting everyone sick! Make sure to watch out!

Contagious Runner
Biome Effects 1.0

Changing biomes drops custom loot per-biome.

Biome Effects
Custom Boats 1.0

There are 4 Custom Boats Added to the Game.

Custom Boats
New Years Loot 1.0

Every night at midnight Fireworks launch dropping OP loot.

New Years Loot
Stare Jump 1.0

Staring at people stops them from being able to jump, or does other jump related things

Anti Color 1.0

A minecraft manhunt plugin to block your from touching your color.

Anti Color
Edible Tools 1.0

Edible Versions of Tools can be Crafted

Edible Tools
Slowed Time 1.0

A minecraft manhunt plugin to slow time.

Slowed Time
Hunters Share Inventory 1.0

A minecraft manhunt plugin to share inventories.

Hunters Share Inventory
OP Goats 1.0

A minecraft plugin to make goats OP.

Fake OP Loot 1.0

A minecraft manhunt plugin to add fake OP loot.

Fake OP Loot
XP Knockback 1.0

A minecraft manhunt plugin to get Knockback from XP.

XP Knockback
Sneak Lag 1.0

A minecraft manhunt plugin to lag the server when sneaking.

Sneak Lag
Half Heart OP Loot 1.0

A minecraft manhunt plugin for Half-Heart-OP-Loot.

Half Heart OP Loot